What it is: a lovingly hand lettered gemstone bracelet that you can wear every day. We believe that the natural vibrations of gemstones paired with meaningful words help with self care, goal setting, meditation and healing. 

Natural stones are at first cool to touch. As you wear them they warm to your body temperature and gently align your rhythms toward your positive needs and desires.

This bracelet is adjustable to fit everyone as a bracelet or anklet. We hand letter each gem on one side so you can reverse the stone 

How to order:

  • Select your favorite gemstone. Don't overthink it. Look at whatever stone grabs your attention and go for it. You can also choose 'Surprise Me' and we'll thoughtfully select a stone for you.
  • Pick the size you want. Small sizes are between 20-25mm. Large sizes are about 30mm.
  • Tell us your word. Please give us ONE word or TWO words that don't exceed 10 letters or numbers. It can be anything, including a name or abbreviation.  PLEASE PLACE YOUR WORD IN THE COMMENT SECTION AS YOU CHECK OUT. If you don't want a word, just the magical stone, please enter 'BLANK' in comments.

Your INTENTGEM bracelet will typically ship within 3 business days. It comes on a gift card that's been personally signed by the artist who made it. 

Please note:

  • These bracelets contain no metal
  • Materials are circular gemstones. Often they are known as donut or pi stones. We string them on luxurious black silk nylon cord and finish them with a woven slip knot. 
  • Since we work with natural stones and hand lettering your item will be completely one-of-a-kind. Please embrace the little details that may make your item look slightly different from those pictured. 
  • Care: INTENTGEMS can be gently cleaned with water, gentle soap and a soft cloth. 
  • INTENTGEMS are made by and provide living wage employment for youth experiencing homelessness and women who have been marginalized by trafficking, abuse and addiction. 
  • PI STONESAre round stones with a hole in the middle like a donut. Used for centuries as amulets of protection, in many cultures and wellness practices pi stones are still used to represent the continuous evolutionary cycle of creation (birth, life, death and re-birth), balance, karma and healing. The round, coin shape is also symbolic of prosperity and infinite abundance of the Universe. When you are focused on abundance and prosperity keep a pi touchstone stone in your wallet as a reminder that there is a limitless supply of love and resources available to you.



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